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Become an event sponsor. Sponsor benefits include on-site and pre-event marketing. Event access and individually tailored packages to ensure sponsors achieve their marketing and mission objectives. Proceeds benefit the Estes Valley Workforce Housing Assistance. For more detail, visit their website.

Contact Graham Kopp to learn more about sponsorship opportunities at Fall Back Beer Fest. You can also download the 2019 Sponsorship Opportunity PDF

Breweries, Distilleries, Cideries, Meaderies

Are you interested in showcasing your products at this year's Fall Back Beer Fest? Download the 2019 Brewer Registration and contact us for consideration.



Download the 2019 Vendor Registration and contact us for consideration.


Fall Back Beer Fest is an official American Homebrewers Association's Learn to Homebrew Day location. If you and/or your club would like to come brew with us at Fall Back, contact us with your name, club name, and brewing system details.

Food Trucks



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Didn't find what you're looking for? CONTACT US.

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